10 Weekend Executive Private Pilot Course

10 Weekend Executive Private Pilot Course

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Deposit for the 10 Weekend Executive Private Pilot Course. 

This deposit locks in your 10 weekend dates towards the pursuit with one of our approved flight schools.

We are committing to you on the dates stated in your training contract.  These dates are yours and will not be sold or resold to anyone else unless you decide to cancel the remaining portion of your training.

Should there be any cancellations on the part of the instructors, school or aircraft owner due to:

1. Inclement weather that prohibits safety of flight 

2. Unscheduled maintenance

3  Illness

We will make every effort to reschedule the flying portion. 

However not withstanding the above, you are expected to show up for a full weekend of class in preparation for the exam. 

This deposit therefore is NON-REFUNDABLE.